Is A ‘Full-Scale’ War On Iran The Main Reason Behind ​Saudi Arabia’s Change Of Heart For Qatar?

Is A ‘Full-Scale’ War On Iran The Main Reason Behind ​Saudi Arabia’s Change Of Heart For Qatar?

In diplomacy, it is often said that Saudis will fight Iran to the last American, and now its portents are more than clear, particularly, when Israel is extremely buoyed by the opening of embassies by the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan, all under the benign gaze of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

The KSA’s relations remain congruent with Israel even when its diplomatic ties are unannounced as ‘normal’, while Egypt’s ruling establishment has long been in alignment with the Jewish state.

The US President-elect Joseph Biden will be the weakest President, as Republican voters led by President Donald Trump have vandalized the US Capitol to force the lockdown of the Congress on January 6 to stop Biden Certification Vote.

And very soon, when Biden accedes to power, in order to show his prowess for both domestic and external purposes, he may force a war on Iran with the most willing partnership of both Israel and KSA.

The prospect of war has been looming over Iran for a long under the Trump regime, with US warships and the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz stationed in the Persian Gulf. KSA has surprisingly re-established full diplomatic ties with Qatar on January 5, as if what had happened in 2017 was just a small aberration.

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